Mobile friendly roulette

Lots of people enjoy the thrill of the Roulette table. It doesn’t take long to see if you win, and you can test your long-time theory of whether or not that lucky number that has always done well for you will actually win you some money in the clutch. For live roulette on mobile devices with Playboy bunnies, check Casino Cruise too (review).

iPhone or Android cell phones

What more and more smartphone users are realizing, whether they have an iPhone or one of the Android devices (very suitable for casino games like roulette), is that they can turn their phone into a mobile roulette host.

European roulette

That’s right—you can play real European Roulette by simply linking your smartphone to one of the online casino sites available and downloading the apps there. You don’t even have to stop by iTunes or Google Play to turn your screen into a mobile roulette wheel that could earn you some money.

Jackpot City
One step you do have to take is to find a casino site that has a good reputation and offers regular payouts. One such site that has earned hearty praise from users is called Jackpot City. Jackpot City is a truly international site; it accepts a variety of currencies and allows downloads in several languages. They also offer Playboy live dealer roulette. A so called bunny will spin the roulette wheel. Also for tablet and iPad.

It has been in business for more than a decade and ranks either #1 or #2 in several categories when users are surveyed, from Quickest Pay-outs to Best Customer Service. To find out more about playing mobile roulette, read the review about the mobile Jackpot City experience.

Wildjack Mobile
Of course the roulette on your mobile phone is totally the same as in a physical casino. A small update for the people who haven’t been gambling in their life. The roulette game has a wheel with 37 numbers in total: 0 till 36. You can place a bet on any number. When the ball drops on the number where you made a bet, you win 36 times your bet. Next to the option to choose a number there are loads of other bet possibilities like the option even or odd. When you guess this right you’ll receive two times your bet. Here are a few great mobile casinos to play roulette on your mobile phone. You can play mobile roulette for free as well! Just download the game and opt for “Play for free”.
Click here to play mobile roulette at Wild Jack casino